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There are two distinct and different type of humans that exist on this planet – the Wolves and the Sheep. It does not take too much intelligence to work this one out, for the sheep-like tend to want to act within a collective, a herd, sticking close together to each other and not straying off, tending to conform to the norm. These are the slave-type who tend towards passivity, dependence and are meek and weak by nature, sticking together for a sense of security, just as herd-animals do. To this sheep-like human the wolf will be a nasty and aggressive predator.

To the wolf-like human strength, aggressiveness and contempt for the sheep will come naturally and seem right and good. They live by strength, creativity, independence, assertiveness, and they respect power, courage, boldness, risk-taking and even recklessness. They naturally follow their own path no matter what, and rebel against social pressure and conformity. These are the master-types who despise the sheep-like with the slave-mentality.

The divide between the strong and the weak runs through human society, but today it is the meek and weak who hold power, only because of the strength of the herd as a collective. They govern through the ‘Will of the People’, through democracy, which is the rule of the lowest kind of human and this shows up clearly in the society that they build. Such a society has very little in the way of creativity, is dull, repetitive, and standardised to the lowest levels. There is little in the way of morals, and this shows up in the degeneracy of these types of society. Crime and violence are rife because the criminals who should be at the bottom of society push themselves to the top.

We can see how the society that we live in today is corrupt and degenerate from the top to the bottom, and devoid of any form of spiritual leadership. This is the 'Age of the People' and this shows itself in the sick and depraved society that this class of people develop. The Lone Wolf has to be in this society but not a part of this society, in order to create the microcosm for a New Order - a Higher Order of Being.


Rise and Rise Again - Until Lambs become Wolves!