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We are in the transition period between two world-ages, between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Each world-age lasts around 2,000 years, and the year 1999 seems to have heralded the 'conception' of the New Age - the Age of Ing (this is an important concept as we shall see). Going back before the Age of Pisces we have the Age of Aries and then the Age of Taurus, and when we look at the ancient tales surrounding these ages (in symbolism) we find references to the Age of Taurus in the 'Golden Calf' and also the 'Bull-Slaying' associated with Mithras. The 'Bull-Slaying' is a symbolic reference to the 'slaying' of the outgoing world-age, the Age of Taurus. When we pass to the Age of Aries we see a similar set of legends around the 'Sacrificial Lamb' (Jesus) which is merely a symbolic way of showing that the Age of Aries (The Ram) was 'slain', and this gave way to the Age of Pisces - note how many people in the stories are related to 'fishermen' and thus to 'fishes' (Pisces the Fish).
There is nothing 'mystical' in all this, and it is quite easy to understand; the symbols for each age are set as the signs of the zodiac in which that age rests - the Bull (Taurus), the Ram (Aries) and the Fish (Pisces). But note that each age has its own sign and also thus its own archetype, the dominant archetype of the Fish-Age being 'Jesus Christ' whose sign originally was the Fish, which has been revived again in our times. Due to the wiles of Saul of Tarsus ('St. Paul') who co-opted the Mithraic Religion and removed it to the Middle-East, at the same time distorting it with his own twisted ideas designed to destroy the Roman Empire which had sacked the Temple of the Dark Lord, the 'Hanged God' became the archetype of this age, a 'god' suffering in humiliation, defeat and total dejection - forced upon our Folk as their own 'image' and thus we have been for nearly 2000 years!
As I have just stated, there is nothing mysterious or 'mystical' about this, it is quite simple and easy to understand - each world-age has its own 'god-form' or archetype so when we enter a new world-age the old archetype is 'slain' and a new archetype suited to the new world-age comes into being. Thus, when the Age of Pisces - Age of Christ - passes as it is doing today, that old archetype also passes away, and it is replaced by a new archetype or 'god-form'. Simple, isn't it, yet this seems to have completely passed the minds of those who seek to aid the survival of the English Folk.
Odinism was revived here in England through the founders of the Odinic Rite, and through various other groups here in England who came together as the Odinic Rite. Wodenism was actually revived within the OR by myself and the White Dragon Kindred, but naturally this did not really fit in with an organisation based on the Norse Tradition and using the term 'Woden' instead of 'Odin' (though really they would have been sounded just the same). Having left the OR and then gone alone I was 'awoken' to a destiny in which I would found Woden's Folk and an official Folkish Wodenism here in England - which did not exist until this time. This was never Odinism clothed in Anglo-Saxon but a new Folkish Religion based upon the new Aryan Archetype suited to a New Age. Ditching the old form of the 'Hanged God' the new form replacing it was the Crowned and Avenging Son - Wid-Ar the Avenger. This fitted all ancient myths such as that of Helgi Hundingsbane and Kalki Avatar (for example), and thus proved the rightness of using this form.
Christianity and Islam are both offshoots of Judaism, both containing exactly the same stories which were stolen by the writers of their 'Holy Books' and twisted to suit the needs of a Dark Priesthood of an Anti-Religion. The religion of Christ that took hold of our Folk was the same no matter which form it took; in the Old English texts we see certain differences, but when we consider it this is the same old twaddle as taught to my generation over and over again in the home and the schools. The same old alien stories and alien names. Neither is it feasible to fuse the Heathen Religion with Christianity in whatever name it may be titled - the two are polar-opposites. The Age of Christ has ended - the New Age has to have a new Aryan Archetype.

Woden's Folk revived Folkish Wodenism here in England but the aim was never to become the only Wodenist Movement with a sole priest at the head of a new 'church'. This was made clear in 2014 after 16 years of being in existence when we made drastic changes that decentralised the Movement to an even greater extent. Groups and individuals  became totally independent units within the Woden Folk-Community, but promoting the Woden Folk-Religion whose basis had already been set down by Woden's Folk. This move had to be made due to the circumstances of the time, after a certain disruption, and proved to be more effective than we could imagine, though there are still small things in need of putting right.
There have been other Wodenist groups appear after WF, meaning those who do not pursue the Woden Folk-Religion and have not accepted the New Archetype which is an essential for the Age of Ing. These groups pursue a course like Odinism and no doubt give people a chance to get involved in Heathenism in some way, but some are not Folkish Heathens in the true sense of the word and unlike the WF-C do not take up the struggle against the Dark Forces which is the basis of the revival of the English Folk. Such groups give people a grounding in the Heathen Faith and serve their own purpose but the WF-C continues the work of the original Folkish Wodenism revived by WF back in 1998.
The new Archetype is also an Image,  a new Symbol which is essential since this has to become embedded in the Folk-Consciousness of the Germanic Folk. The Sacred Image acts as a focal point for the resurrection of our Folk and is thus the focal point of the New Religion. Wid-Ar is the god who returns - the Last Avatar.




'The first and most important feature of groups is the fact that groups are not constituted according to the wish and choice of their members. Groups are constituted by the teacher, who selects types which, from the point of view of his aims, can be useful to one another.'



This is true of every group and especially esoteric orders, since a teacher must select the members who are useful for his aims, and who can work together towards those aims. The problem occurs - always - when a member decides to follow a different course, which is like a planet or star changing its orbit, which naturally throws the whole group out of harmony and balance, and chaos results. When any group is made up of individuals working with One Will, towards One Aim, then this aim will be achieved.


When I speak here of 'Christianity' it is of the 'Jesus Christ' portrayed in the New Testament, a figure made up from various different sources to suit the needs of those who were creating a false religion designed to break the power of the Roman Empire (already well into its decline) and to enslave the peoples of Europe. What I am not referring to is the true and original Aryan Kristianity which existed since the beginning of time. This is a far different concept known by the ancient peoples but thrown aside in favour of a total distortion.
We can see the powers behind these alien forms of religion when we consider that the 'enemy' of the Old Testament 'God' (Jehovah-Yahweh) and his 'son' (Jesus Christ of the New Testament) is Lucifer - the 'Light-Bearer'.  Thus the 'enemy' is the 'Light', making their 'enemy' the Darkness! And in Genesis we find the true nature of the 'God' we are told to worship when he denies mankind the chance to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life - the latter which would make man immortal! (Thus is the aim of our work to undo this mischief and struggle against the forces that deny us our True Destiny.)




The world-age we are entering is the 'Age of Aquarius' and this comes into being with the 'death' of the Fish-Age. Aquarius is an 'air' sign though the term 'aqua' means 'water' and the sign is that of the 'Water-Pitcher' a figure pouring out water from a vessel. The animals of the Age of Taurus and the Age of Pisces are clear, but this relates to a 'Man' pouring out the water, which is more difficult to interpret. Ing is the 'Son of Man(nus)' and thus the sign relates to Man and his destiny. I have read that the original sign for this era was the Phoenix, but cannot prove this I am afraid, so we should see this as possible and no more.

Wolves Amongst The Sheep!

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