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Our Defiance is our Strength!



The White Dragon Kindred was founded on June 21st 1991 in order to promote the White Dragon symbolism as an English Symbol. This group was formed from the Hearth of Wayland which worked from Leicestershire. The White Dragon's revival was a few years before this and part of the growing Cult of Woden which was forming within Odinism. The creation of the WDK came after three successive years of strange events that happened to me whilst living on the Fairy Glen in Snowdonia, North Wales. These events led up to the creation of the WDK, just as the Hale-Bopp Comet led to the creation of Woden's Folk.
On January 1st 1989 in the early hours of the morning I awoke from a vivid dream in which the following symbols were shown to me -
  • A man sitting outside a sandy cave, on his head he had a wide-brimmed hat something like those seen on films of Australians, with 'corks' hanging from it.
  • Before the man was a Hooded Cobra and he seems totally unbothered by it being there.
  • In front of the cave was a star-fish (star).
  • In the back of the cave was a bath.
  • A Hooded Man passed by the front of the scene and turned into a young boy; this Hooded Man passed forwards and backwards, twice more turning into a young boy.

At the end of the dream a voice said to me - 'I am going to reveal to you these Mysteries!'


At that point I awoke, feeling a sense of total disappointment that I had not been shown the 'Mysteries'. As a matter of fact these 'Mysteries' were revealed over the next few years, as had been promised.


Twelve months later, to the day, on January 1st 1990 again in the early morning, around 3.00am, both my ex-wife and I were awoken when my electronic wrist-watch went off. This startled me (since it had not been set, which I proved afterwards) because as well as this a brilliant bright light was shining through the bedroom window. Normally there would perhaps be an explanation but in this case it is very hard to find one -


  • There were no sounds of a car or anything around at the time.
  •  Even if this had been a car it is very hard to see how its headlights could shine through a window which was facing the mountainside opposite, especially since the light shone directly through the window.
  • I got up, without turning on any lights, and threw the curtains open, at the same time the light disappeared.


Again, on exactly the same date of the following year, 1991, at around 8.00am in the morning, both my ex-wife and I were awoken by the loud cawing of two huge Ravens which were sitting in an Ash Tree opposite the house (there were three Ash-Trees beside a stream). As we both turned to look at the Ravens they very slowly faded and disappeared completely. It is very difficult to find a rational explanation for that happening because both of us witnessed it, and my ex-wife was never mystically inclined.


After this last strange event it dawned on me that the man with the broad hat in the first dream was Woden, and that, of course, the last dream was about his Two Ravens. The symbols of this god were thus the Star and the Snake.  The 'star' or 'starfish' was a five-pointed star, and the snake a Hooded Cobra, fitting for The Hooded One. The shape-shifting 'Hooded Man' was the thrice-born 'Hooded Man. All of this became clearer over the years, and also the role of the White Dragon in this. The rebirth of the White Dragon was clearly guided by the god Woden, and in the years to come it was taken up by Woden's Folk, founded on April 23rd 1998.




These islands are made up of different nations, brought together under an artificial 'union' by the Scottish King James I who sat on the throne of England at the time. History proves that such artificial moulding of nations will not last forever, and eventually break up into their smaller units, or even into small regions or tribes until they begin to forge together again. We can thus recognise England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Eira and the Isle of Man as separate entities originally (Cornwall is something that needs more thought). All of these nations contain an amount of Germanic Blood - no matter what they try to tell us. Please note that I have shown 'Northern Ireland' and 'Eira' as separate entities since the peoples of Northern Ireland have a separate identity; for those whose argument is that Ireland is one island I would say that England, Scotland and Wales are also on 'one island', are we to say these should be united under the largest section - England? Since the 'united Ireland' drive is merely part of the European Union drive for a European State, this again is an artificial 'union'.


Odinism has no trouble in recruiting from various different nations, even though 'Odin' was the Icelandic and Scandinavian name; so when we use the term 'Woden' we have no quarrel with others taking part in the Woden Folk-Religion. The name 'Wotan' was used by the Germans, and this is the largest section of the Teutonic Folk. We have no quarrel with people using the name 'Odin', 'Wotan' or 'Woden' for that matter - England is made up of various Germanic and Scandinavia Tribes - including the Danish and Norwegian Vikings. Indeed, the English are made up of the Seven Tribes of the Ingas whom destiny guided to these islands. The Woden Folk-Religion may have its base and hub here in England, and was designed for the English Folk and we shall not swerve from our original aim of an English Awakening, but we have always maintained the stance of a 'Europe of the Ur-Nations' and unity amongst the White Peoples around the world.



Some years ago we always held our England Day Folk-Moot on the day of April 23rd, even though it meant we may not get as many people out as we would using the nearest weekend. I remember well the growing number of cars going around showing the English Cross. This was around the time when the English football fans were flying the English Cross rather than the Union Flag which many had flown before. There was a sea of English Flags, and a rising tide of English Consciousness.
Over the past few years when we have held this Folk-Moot on the day, or even when we have not and I drive around on that day, there are hardly any English Flags flown from the cars, which suggests that the initial drive has slowed down greatly. In part this was due to the 'British' drive made by the media, TV and the Internet, especially for the 'Golden Jubilee' and the '2012 Olympic Games' both of which heavily promoted an 'British Consciousness'. There has also been a small but significant revival of British Nationalism, especially since the English Defence League (sic!) has declined and the Britain First has (seemingly) began to grow stronger - which seems rather a 'coincidence'.
Folkish Wodenism is not about politics of any kind, but must never fail to see around us what is going on because this is important to our struggle. What we see on a physical level is influenced on other levels, and it is this what must concern us. There has been an obvious drive by the British State to promote Britain again, which shows how these concepts are used to their advantage and that they have no loyalty to 'Britain'. The British State has moved against the English Community because its plan is the destruction of England (it is already broken into 'regions' for the EU) and thus the English people - this is why many sections already deny that the English actually exist. British Nationalism will only be needed until such time as England and the English are finally written off the map, and then the other nations and the regions of England will become merely a part of the European State that was planned all along.
The main objection I have to the idea of 'Britain' is that it was the Welsh who were termed 'Britons', stemming from the word 'Brython' which could stem from Hebrew roots since the word 'brit' means 'covenant' and 'ish' means 'man' - 'Covenant Man'. A 'covenant' is a pact - a pact with who? I am also somewhat wary of the title used of the 'British' today - 'Brits' - since this is the word that means 'covenant'. Whether this has any relevance does not really matter, though it is something to meditate upon, what does matter is that the English have never been 'Brits', only the Welsh can claim this title - if they wish! We have shown in our blogs how 'Britannia' may never have referred to England anyway, since this too may well have been a distortion of the truth. The Jewish organisation called 'B'nai B'rith' has its name stemming from 'b'ne brit' which means 'Children of the Covenant', so 'brit' certainly means 'covenant'.
Since the English Consciousness that began to arise has somewhat waned, and the English Cross no longer flies on England's Day as it did some years ago, we are left with a void - a void that can be filled. I always warned against dropping the English Cross altogether because the time was not ripe, but things have now changed and since for all intents and purposes England is dead and gone (*) then the time is now ripe to start to swap the English Cross for the White Dragon Flag - this is today happening within various nationalist groups.
(*) A prophecy made around the era of Queen Elizabeth I stated - 'When hemp is spun - England's done!'  Some years ago Sir (?) Paul McCartney used the cannabis plant to make handbags (no not himself, put his cash into it), the cannabis plant being 'hemp' which was 'spun' to make the handbags. Note - 'England's done' but this doe not refer to the  English who are far from done! Our defiance is our strength!


 The 'English Community' is divided through the deliberate attacks upon it from various angles - and this is leaving a void from which a new driving-force must arise. Folkish Wodenism has no time for politics, nor for the methods used that created arguments and in-fights, and even when we were subject to this it was quickly turned to our advantage and our strength has increased in a different way. A Folkish Religion can overcome the divide between left and right, a false divide encouraged so as to 'divide and conquer', an age-old method. Not only that our English stance has never been anything like the narrow-minded 'Englisc Nationalism' which was far too negative and critical of others whilst losing the positive drive that would have got results.


Due to having to move apart from the 'Englisc' scene because of its arguments, bickering and in-fighting, we took on a different stance, still promoting a Folkish Religion for the English Folk, but this time (due to our studies over the years) recognising the Germanic Stock throughout the nations of these islands, and thus widening our religion outside the English to include those who preserve the 'Aryan Spirit'. Thus, rather than antagonising other peoples we are willing to work with others and to have them support and become active within Folkish Wodenism. This avoids the negative attitudes and will prove positive to the English cause because it will now attract people who have a positive outlook on life and do not moan about everyone else - British, Scots, Irish, Welsh, Germans or anyone else! This move effectively bridges the 'British - English' problem since the term 'Britain' will not be used, and the English will form the core of the Folkish Religion which other nations can tailor to suit their own. Now we can get on with the task of resurrecting the Eternal English Folk-Nation!

Our Defiance is our Strength!

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