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The Flame of Freedom cannot be kept going through sticking to a religion born out of the dying age - Judaeo-Christianity (or any other form of Christianity). Both this religion and the religion of Islam are offshoots of Judaism and thus form the major religions of the Age of Pisces. The English must embrace a new Folk-Religion that has a new Aryan Archetype if they are to regain their freedom. There are certain things necessary for this new Folk-Religion (Woden Folk-Religion) - the new archetype for the New Age, the revival of the most ancient Ur-Religion in its essence, but built in a new form, and the restoration of the link between Blood and Soil.
Folkish Wodenism is the only strong Folkish Movement that stands for the English Folk and the unity of the Germanic Folk in these islands. We have steered clear of using any form of 'antiquarianism' since this cannot be understood by all but the very few, and living in the past of any era is self-defeating. There is room for using ancient methods as well as ritual language, but this is not living in the past, it is looking to the past to build the present, and build a new future. These times need different methods and any religion must be tailored to suit the times in which it works.  

At some time in the distant past a section of the Aryan Race was sent apart and trained in certain Sun-Oracles towards a new form of consciousness. Whereas before the peoples had more of a communal-consciousness, at this point in time the change to large barrows and High Kings being buried with their treasures shows a complete change in human consciousness. At this point the 'ego' was developed. We can find traces of this in Norse Mythology and the Myth of Woden. Woden sacrifices 'himself to himself' on the Wolf-Tree; he sacrifices his 'I' to his 'I' or his 'Eye' to his 'I'. This could refer to his sacrifice of the Third Eye in order that the 'ego' ('I') should be developed.
The development of the ego assures mankind of the 'self-consciousness' that means self-knowledge and indeed 'growing into manhood'. We can see that all major religions and religious disciplines (including 'wicca') seek to merge the 'ego' into the All, the One or the Cosmic Consciousness, or into 'Nature'. This involves the dissolution of the ego which is a part of the alchemical process, but which is not the final aim. This is where the key to our struggle lies because this process ends the evolutionary process of man, it dissolves the individual consciousness back into the Primal Chaos.
Hidden throughout the ages is an alternative and polar-opposite path - the Left-Hand Path, which is the Path of Woden. This has been ruthlessly suppressed because it reverses the power of the 'God' of the Old Testament in stopping mankind from eating of the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life and it teaches man to search for that knowledge and to search for immortality (Tree of Life). This path is that of the Warrior-Hero whose aim is to reach the point of the dissolution of the ego, but to go beyond this stage and to strengthen and transmute the ego ('I') into the 'Absolute I' (Serrano). This achieves the evolutionary stage when man overcomes himself to create the Superman, the Sun-Man, the God-Man.
Every Saxon and English King claimed direct descent from Woden, the one god that changes and evolves. This is no accident because Woden is the God of the Left-Hand Path and it is he that guides the Warrior-Hero in the quest for immortality. World War II was the 'Twilight of the Gods' and when the gods die they do so in full knowledge that the 'Sons of the Gods' will take their place. The Divine Spark is held within mankind, the Warrior-Hero being part man, part god - a Divine Hero. Thus, the aim of the struggle is to gain immortality as the Sun-Man, the Arya, when God becomes self-conscious and can 'Know Himself'.  

From what I have written opposite you will see that what we are doing is far more than the revival of a nation; the revival of the English Folk-Nation has to be for a given purpose - an end in itself. This purpose is linked to the Germanic Destiny which is the creation of the God-Man, the Sun-Man - the Resurrection of the Arya. This is a far cry from the 'civic nationalism' that has held back the process and put back the advance of some form of English Awakening that would have pushed ahead with this Divine Destiny. This is why only a Folkish Movement, and a new Folk-Religion will give the English back their True Destiny. This cannot be done through a political movement that has no Spiritual basis and that lacks ideology, doctrine and idealism. This is what has arisen so far within the English Community, or at least this is the major factor in the English Community, the factor that pushed aside the Folkish Movement in favour of a more 'populist' stance which has failed to get the results - and which was doomed to failure from the very start.
The stance taken by the English Community forced us to move away from this and to take up a far less narrow-minded stance on the Folk-Nation, and thus we took up the idea of building a religious movement on the Germanic Folk of these islands as being kinfolk to the English Folk. Our findings over the years suggests that all of the nations of these islands have a Germanic Stock, and the stupidity of bickering amongst ourselves within these nations (one of the problems within 'Englisc Nationalism') would be overcome through widening our movement to all Germanic Folk as well as the English Folk.  

Teutons Unite in the Islands of the Mighty

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